Carol F. Shuler  -  President
Carol F. Shuler, L.A., is President of C.F. Shuler, Inc. She received her degree from the University of Arizona, studying landscape architecture, architecture and horticulture. Numerous awards have been received for her innovative and environmentally sensitive designs.

Hiking through miles of Arizona habitats has greatly influenced her understanding of plant relationships and the nuances which determine plant survival in challenging arid environments. She is a leader in the use of native and arid region plants and has influenced introduction of many plants in the nursery industry.

Although she has spent most of her life in Arizona, Shuler has lived in Florida, Texas, Missouri and on an island in the Puget Sound. She visits frequently in New York City. Additional travels include Viet Nam, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Spain, London, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Morocco and Mexico.

Observations in the Sonoran desert, foreign countries and the streets of New York blend with years of experience resolving complex design requirements to develop innovative solutions for each new project.  

Her designs always combine ecology, horticulture, and mitigation of natural elements, such as climate and flood control. Additionally, Shuler is a leader in innovative approaches which mesh the functions of engineers, hydrologists, and landscape architects to find environmentally responsible solutions to site conditions. Among the areas investigated are water harvesting to capture natural rainfall for supplemental irrigation and innovative grading concepts which slow water flow rates and reduce erosion potential more naturally.
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