Scottsdale East Couplet  (Scottsdale, AZ)
The curvature of a new street alignment created several parcels of land too small for development. The design team viewed these parcels as opportunities to enhance the project with landscape and art features to create a distinct identity within the urban area.

The design of the Hummingbird Garden evolved quickly. A stylized trumpet flower dominates the plan view of the hardscape. Pavement and seatwalls were colored Indian red and yellow ochre to reflect the colors naturally found in the trumpet flower. Five 15-foot steel sculptures of stylized trumpet flowers march through the center of the hardscape. The unique pavement treatment of bright colors, textures and stamping techniques continue down the sidewalks. Low walls provide seating. In addition to serving its neighbors as a place to enjoy nature, the East Couplet  is also an identifiable space within the urban fabric.
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