For over 30 years, Shuler has lead in the use of native and arid region plants. She has influenced wholesale nurseries to get many plant species into cultivation for widespread use. When few regional plant books were available, she wrote Low Water Use Plants which is used by both professionals and amateurs.

Through the years she has hiked most habitats in Arizona. Several of these areas have been revisited many times to observe the affect of good or bad rain years; fire; flood; or a combination of events. Through this experience, she has learned the nuances of habitats; which plants form overstory and understory; what herbaceous plants are included; which plants prefer cooler/shadier areas and warmer/drier areas; what plants are only seen in drainage areas; which species tolerate the hottest, driest, rockiest areas.

These observations are useful in the selection and placement of plants in the urban environment. Long term success of the landscape is dependant on proper plant placement whether in the glaring reflected heat along streets or in the shady urban canyons between tall buildings.

The use of arid region plants, drip irrigation and limited turf areas have been the norm in Arizona for many years. Always the innovator, C.F. Shuler, Inc. has used its extensive experience to develop the potential for additional LEED points.

Green Innovations
• Plant selection and placement based on habitat
• Update planting details and specifications in keeping with university research
• Development of a tree emitter layout detail that promotes sustainability
• Develop synchronized irrigation scheduling for long-term lower water use
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