Prospect Park, Brooklyn April 2009
In Brooklyn, New York there is an amazing linkage of 1,115 acres of open space which includes Prospect Park (585 acres), Brooklyn Botanical Garden (52 acres) and Greenwood Cemetery (478 acres). One can walk or bicycle from one to the next. Each has an informative web site.

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1860s Prospect Park has many of the features found in Central Park. The graceful bridges, historic building and carved stone entry features are well maintained through an intense renovation program. There are open fields for sports; a lake for boating; a ravine; waterfalls and streams and winding trails through forest groves. On Sunday afternoons a drum circle convenes near the southeast corner off Ocean Ave.

Several factors are key to the continuing success of the park for over 250 years. Sized at 585 acres it can absorb high use while affording both sports venues and quiet natural areas. There are more than eight million visitors per year! The parking lot will only hold approximately 100 cars. Most people walk or use mass transit to access the park. There are a multitude of identifiable places throughout. The design has the flexibility to accommodate changing interests and activities.