Recharge Master Plans
Cities in the arid southwest have been banking water by recharging the aquifer. This is done through either large basins or recharge wells. The basins require a substantial land area with soil that percolates well. By designing the site for public access, the land purchase may serve multiple uses such as aquifer recharge, urban open space, passive recreation, education and wildlife habitat. With sufficient space available other municipal uses such as libraries, police or fire stations or municipal maintenance facilities can expand the functionality of the site.

The site plans are usually developed with freeform basins and meandering paths to reinforce the vision of a natural area and riparian habitat. Recharge requirements were very high for the site acreage at South Recharge in Gilbert, AZ. The design team was forced to develop an extremely efficient layout of basins, path and delivery channel. The resulting site plan is reminiscent of open irrigation channels bordered by tree-lined roads and views across open fields which were once prevalent on agricultural lands throughout the valley.
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