Union Hills Water Treatment Plant (Phoenix, AZ)
This 80-acre facility was among the first to treat water conveyed by the Central Arizona Project's canal system. C.F. Shuler, Inc. was called in during the conceptual stages of design to work with the engineer to mitigate the impact of the plant on the surrounding area. A perimeter of rolling contours was designed to screen the facility and provide detention for storm water. The grading was also modified to minimize storm water runoff.

The site was walked prior to construction to determine what plants were to be saved. (More than 2000 indigenous plants were selected to add to the site). Reseeding with native seed mixes provided erosion and dust control. The new irrigation system was low maintenance and conforms to proper water management. Additionally, a custom signage package was incorporated into the facility. C.F. Shuler, Inc. was responsible for design and construction management.
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